Los Cortos is a non-profit organization

Los Cortos is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization designed to promote and discover filmmakers creating Short Films.

Los Cortos has two platforms to promote short films. The one that started it all is www.LosCortos.com

A platform where hispanic filmmakers can share their short films where visitors can enjoy, comment and share quality filmmaking.

The new member of our community is After The Festivals at www.AfterTheFestivals.com. This platform is dedicated to all filmmakers who have been part of short film festivals anywhere in the world.

We are also partnering with other organizations that are involved in the art of short films or are looking to promote the talent creating them. Most of these events are in the Los Angeles area, but we have expanding to Florida and soon to other places.

What started by asking ONE Filmmaker: “Where can I see your Short Film?”, Los Cortos is now a community of more than 100 filmmakers from around the world and with more than 200 short films on the at LosCortos.com and many more coming to AfterTheFestivals.com

If you have a “corto” you’d like us to see, or know of one that should be a part of our community, please share it with us. We’d love to see it.


Los Cortos